Dimestore Chapter 16 Part 2

Mac charged at Wu, dropping down low to spear-tackle him. As Mac’s arms’ began to close around Wu’s torso Wu kicked both legs out behind him and sprawled on top of Mac. Using the bigger man to break his fall.
On the ground Wu ran his legs in a circle, turning him around to grab Mac’s back. Mac rolled over, putting his shoulders to the deck and Wu ended up in mount on him.

Wu threw a punch to Mac’s face, but Mac pushed the arm aside, grabbed the back of Wu’s neck and pulled him into a head-butt.

Wu’s world turned black for a moment and Mac threw Wu off him. Getting to his feet Mac charged in to collect Wu with a football kick. Wu’s vision cleared in time for him to close up into a ball and take the kick on his arms. Mac pulled his leg back for another kick and Wu rolled away. Scrambling back to his feet in time for Mac to catch him with a push-kick and send him flying into the wall.

Wu slammed into the wall and flattened against it. Mac came at him with another big kick, but Wu got his body out of the way and Mac’s boot hit the wall instead.

Wu unleashed a flurry of blows against Mac, hammer-fist striking his knee before eagle-clawing at his liver, spear-handing his solar-plexus and ending with a pecking fist-strike on Mac’s neck.

Mac took all those strikes except the last, catching Wu’s wrist as it came in.

Wu responded by chopping at Mac’s wrist, forcing him to let go, then hitting at his elbow, breaking up the combo with a low kick to the gut and finishing the macro with a back-fist to the shoulder.

Mac clenched his stomach and took the hit to the gut, but when he felt his arm go numb, he roared and threw a haymaker at Wu’s head. Wu ducked under the punch and circled around Mac, but Mac quickly twisted his torso and his limp arm swung out and slapped Wu in the face.
The slap caught Wu by surprise and he stumbled back from the hit. Mac hammered out his counter-macro in the time he bought and put his arms up again.

“You kids don’t learn do you?” Mac growled. “Your fancy nano-tricks don’t work on me.”

Wu reached up and wiped the blood dripping from his nose with the back of his hand. He grinned at him. “Good thing that’s not my only trick.”


Penny jumped off the last shipping container and landed on the space just before the door to the crew compartment. This car had metal shutters over the windows and what looked like armour plating on the walls. Penny hit the button for the door to open and stepped aside. She peeked around the doorway with the camera on her rifle.

The interior of the car looked like it had once been a rec area for the train crews. Long trips across continents, even at mag-lev speeds could still take days depending on the planet. A metal bench dominated the middle of the room, in the near corner a pair of couches faced each other and in the opposite corner was a kitchenette. With the armoured shutters closed the room was only lit by light fittings in the ceiling.

Cautiously, Penny moved inside, slowly sweeping her rifle left to right. Suddenly light spilled into the room as the door at the far end of the car opened up to admit Lin’s pistol-laden hand inside. Penny dived for cover behind one of the couches while Lin let rip. The burst tore holes into the couch and Penny crouched lower as bits of fabric and stuffing flew everywhere.
Penny retracted her breathing apparatus back into her helmet so she could speak clearer.

“Lin Hui Tan.” She yelled. “This is your first and final warning. Surrender now and face justice for your crimes or I will be forced to employ lethal force in your arrest.”

Lin responded by popping around the corner again and unloading hammer-shots into Penny’s couch.

Penny got down to the floor and rolled onto her back. She sighted up on the ceiling lights and started shooting them out one by one, plunging the room into darkness.

Lin quietly slipped inside, hit the button for the shutters to open and ducked low, his pistol still up.

Light flooded back into the room, bringing with it the view from the outside. The train had left the shore and was now passing over the open ocean. Encased in a thick plexiglass tube to protect it from the weather on the high seas.

When no movement betrayed the Ranger’s position, Lin cautiously stood up. He sighed in relief.

Then the top three barrels of Penny’s pistol pressed against his temple. In the fleeting moments between the lights going out and the shutters opening up she’d circled around to Lin’s flank.
“Drop it.” Penny commanded.

Lin hesitated for a moment, then ducked out of her pistol’s way. Penny hit the trigger a moment too late and the hammer-shot passed over Lin’s head. Lin simultaneously grabbed at Penny’s gun hand and turned his own pistol towards her. Penny quickly pushed Lin’s pistol aside and the man launched himself into her, barging his shoulder into the visor of her helmet.

Penny felt Lin wrench at her hand and her pistol disappeared from her grasp. Penny responded by grabbing Lin’s own gun hand and pulling it further away from him, with a deft twist of her wrist, Penny forced Lin to drop his own gun.

To maximise her advantage Penny kicked Lin off of her and reached for Mac’s gun on her thigh. Lin brought up his hands in a token defense and stared up at Penny in horror.

Penny hit the trigger.

Nothing happened.

Penny hit the trigger again and cursed.

She couldn’t believe it, she’d loaded a dud barrel.

Lin realised the truth a moment later and scrambled for his gun.

Penny discarded Mac’s pistol and bolted after him, pulling her shock baton from its compartment.
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3 thoughts on “Dimestore Chapter 16 Part 2

  1. Questing Lee

    I hope this is checked before it’s published in print.
    “On the ground Wu run” Ran.
    “and Wu ended up in mount on him.” Mounted on him? Like a rider on a horse? Mounded on?
    “She peaked around the doorway with the camera on her rifle.” Peeked.
    “Penny felt Lin wretch” Wrench.

    1. OriginalJigen

      The use of the word mount in this way is grappling terminology, meaning to gain a dominant position on top of the opponent. To be ‘in mount’ is to be in a straddling position, usually sitting on your opponent’s chest. There is also ‘back mount’ which is different and I have probably used the term to mean the two interchangeably for reasons of convenience.

      And if you find such an error in a printed version of any of my books I’ll be happy to send a corrected copy to you at no extra charge.

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