Dimestore Chapter 02 Part 2

A figure burst out of the cloud suddenly and barreled into Wu. As Wu caught the man and pushed him back he absently noticed the uniform of Xing Shi’s municipal police. Wu’s hands were already moving to their targets and he began to nano-hack. Catching the man at the wrist before he could stumble away Wu struck at the side of his neck with a pecking-fist hook, followed by an elbow to the gut and a series of three quick punches of his solar-plexus, sternum and floating ribs. The strikes hit their mark, completing the sequence of macro commands necessary for Wu to transmit his paralysis virus into the policeman’s nanomachines and cause his body to seize up and collapse. No sooner had Wu dispatched the policeman than one of Mr Henderson’s assistants shambled out of the fog. Already riding the rush from flying through the air and paralyzing the policeman Wu exploded at her, delivering the lightning-fast macro commands and seizing up her body before she could raise a hand in her defence.

Wu returned to his ready stance and looked around for his next adversary. His breathe echoed back to his ears through the respirator’s mask. The gas was already clearing, revealing Sifu, Hiro and Ukyo standing amongst the bodies of the fallen.

Hiro scanned the faces before him. [Everyone ok?] Over the rush of the wind outside and their breathing masks it was easier to simply nanospeak their communications.

Everyone nodded.

Hiro caused his own sword to retract into its handle, black against Sifu’s white.

[Excellent.] He said [Find the Chief and Mr Henderson and let’s get out of here.]

Wu caught his breath and looked around. The paralyzed body of Mr Henderson lay just a foot away from him. Sifu retracted her own sword back into its handle and started taking off her belt to ready the principals for extraction. Wu squatted down between Mr Henderson’s feet and slipped the cable ties from his sleeves. Working fast Wu looped one tie around his left ankle and began daisy chaining a few more towards his right. As his hand fell into the familiar routine Wu noticed something strange out the corner of his eye. Quickly snapping his attention towards it, Wu relaxed when he realised it was just the spent tear gas grenade.
With a smirk, Wu went back to work.

Then he heard the door to the cockpit fly open and saw the pilot shakily jam a pistol through the doorway. “ALRIGHT NOBODY MOVE!” He screamed.

Sifu and Hiro spun to face him and Wu thought he saw him go to fire.

Wu gasped, grabbed the spent tear gas grenade and hurled it at the pilot. The man saw it fly and quickly pulled his head aside.

Wu leapt to his feet to rush the man, but before he could even stand up Sifu covered the distance in a single bound and slammed her foot into the pilot’s gut with a side-kick.

Before he could recover from the shock Sifu grabbed his gun arm and yanked it up, overbalancing him and exposing his body to a series of finger-spear strikes to his arm-pit, solar-plexus and ribs, infecting him with her own paralysis attack.

Wu released his breath at last and went back to tying up Mr Henderson. Soon he and Ukyo had the principles trussed up and their belts looped around them.

Ukyo held up her thumb to Hiro. [Ready.]
Hiro and Sifu helped their assistants lift the awkward weight of their captives. When they were upright again Wu and Ukyo held them tight from behind, stepped out into the open air with them and retracted the lines.

Wu felt the night wind rush loudly past his ears as he slid up the infinite darkness and back to the speeder.

Sifu tarried downstairs long enough to have the nav computer return the luxury speeder to base and then jumped out into the night after them.

Hiro met Sifu at the door and closed it behind her as she stepped inside. He moved to stand beside her, unable to hide the smile from his face. “Well done everyone. Weeks of reconnaissance, training and rehearsals, it all came down to this moment and everything went off without a hitch.”

Wu looked up from Mr. Henderson. “After tonight I feel like I could take on the whole Federation myself.”

Ukyo looked up at Wu and smirked.

Hiro nodded at Wu. “You read my mind.” Then Hiro’s eyes turned towards Sifu.

Sifu was already sitting down, her gaze turned inwards to monitor the police dispatch.

Hiro cleared his throat. “That’s right.” He moved to the pilot’s seat. “The job isn’t over yet.”

Wu and Ukyo worked to tie their captives up for transport. Binding their hands together in front of them so they would be easier to lead around. They had been paralyzed through manipulation of their nanomachines’ software, but that virus would soon be removed by a full reset. Before that happened the principles needed to be properly bound and gagged. When the principles were secured Wu collapsed into the chair next to Sifu.
He thought about joining her in the computer to watch the radar sensors and the wireless channels, but he decided against it. Sifu never missed anything.

A few minutes later they were on the other side of the main habitation dome, docking at a private hangar owned by the Black Mask Society.

Once the speeder began powering down Wu got out of his chair and moved over to the principles who were already starting to struggle against their bonds.

Wu considered administering another paralysis attack, but decided against it. There was a one in a million chance that the recipient’s software would crash, which in the day-to-day was nothing, but when it crashed while the subject was forcibly gagged there was a real possibility of choking to death. Wu wasn’t about to let weeks of work go to waste for a minute’s convenience.
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