Dust: Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18: The Main Event

I stared dumbstruck for a moment. Did he really do that?

Whether this was all part of some elaborate ruse or he really did just up and leg it, I’ll never know. The stupid bastard ran right in between Kiru and the Machete-Swinger.

The big Texan took this chance of put some distance between himself and his svelte opponent. He went back into a kickboxing stance and I saw that the armour around his forearms were criss-crossed with tiny scratches and missing pieces, Kiru had clearly been going to town on him.

She stopped when her disciple got in the way.

Crocman also hesitated when he realised where he was. He looked at Kiru pleadingly. Making the fatal mistake of holding up his arms in defence. Kiru looked directly at his missing hand and narrowed her lips into a thin, murderous, slit.

Kiru moved towards him and Crocman cried “Iie.”

Kiru stepped up and side-kicked Crocman right out of his shoes, firing her piston-heel into him out of spite if nothing else. Crocman flew across the room until he was caught at the shoulder by the big Texan and impaled on his monomachete. The Machete-Swinger threw Crocman back at Kiru as she strode towards him and she roundhouse kicked her assistant out of her way without breaking stride.

Crocman’s prosthetic body hit a server tower and sprawled onto the ground like a rag doll.

Kiru kept striding towards the Machete-Swinger.

He raised the blade for a strike and Kiru threw her wires out at it.

The Machete-Swinger immediately changed tactics and retreated at step. Kiru took another step towards him and he advanced. Only for Kiru to wave at him with her other hand. The Machete-Swinger pulled back again, then jumped back two steps.

Kiru recoiled her wires and then the Machete-Swinger threw the blade at her.

Quickly Kiru pulled her head to the side and it sailed passed her, in the next moment the big Texan had closed with her and threw a hook punch at her. Kiru stepped back and parried this punch, her dainty prosthetic hands were tiny next to the armoured behemoth she was turning aside.

The Cyborg Kickboxer twisted his hips back the other way and threw out a roundhouse kick of his own at Kiru’s head. Their height difference made it easy for Kiru to duck under it and step around. But as soon as he’d finished his rotation the Texan lashed out with a lunging side-kick at her. Kiru changed directions and the Kickboxer’s heel punched straight through the next server tower.

Kiru took this chance to wave both of her hands at his head. Thinking fast the Kickboxer brought up his left hand and moved it into the wires’ path. The lines coiled around his utility-pole sized forearms and dug in a few millimetres into the armour, before Kiru retracted them and thinned it down by a few strips.

The Kickboxer retrieved his foot from inside the server tower and came at Kiru again. For a second the two of them danced around each other before the big guy came in with another wide-hook.

Kiru ducked under this, but where she was expecting to get another hit in on him she found his other hand grabbing the side of her head, before he slammed his knee into her face.

It sounded like a car ramming into a tree as the knee found its target.

The Kickboxer brought his knee down and rammed it up again, this time to be intercepted by Kiru’s crossed forearms. She caught the knee before it could reach her and began to push back down.

The Kickboxer moved with her, getting his leg out of the way so he could push down and drive Kiru into the ground.

Kiru pushed forward as he brought her down and dived out of his grasp and into a roll. The roll ended with her feet slamming into one of the few remaining server towers and she fired her heels.

The force of the twin pistons threw the balled up Kiru into a backwards roll that took her passed the Kickboxer as he tried to stomp on where she’d been a moment before.

Kiru rolled back onto her feet and immediately threw herself into a back-bridge as the Kickboxer thrust his heel at her in a sharp back-kick. Kiru jumped around onto her feet again and pulled her head back as he circled around and tried to catch her with another roundhouse kick. When that missed he continued the rotation into a spinning-heel kick.

Kiru skipped back another step and landed in a relaxed pose. She raised her hands and applauded his efforts. Politely. The way one would at the opera, or a golf tournament.

Ya think this is funny?” The Kickboxer spat. “Let’s see you laugh this off.”

The Kickboxer dropped into a gridiron crouch and sprinted at Kiru. Covering the distance between them in a fraction of a second. Kiru fired her heels and just barely managed to get out of the way before the Cyborg Quarterback trampled over the remains of a few sever towers and busted right through the wall.

Kiru turned around in mid-air and landed facing the Texan’s improvised renovations. She also landed right in front of the door we came in through. So I couldn’t exactly use this chance to sneak out and look for Kitty.

In the next moment Kiru bent backwards at the knees, catching herself with her hands and narrowly avoiding a piece of wall the big Texan tossed back at her.

The piece of wall smashed into the empty doorway and crashed down onto the Hair Guy’s limp prosthetic body. If he wasn’t dead before it was pretty safe to write him off now.

Kiru fired her heels and flipped back over to right herself again. Her opponent lumbered back in through the hole, grabbed the trampled remnants of one of the server towers and hurled this at her as well. Kiru jumped out of the tower’s way and it smashed into the wall beside her.

The cyborg quarterback grabbed another broken tower and Kiru sprinted at him. She dodged aside as this second tower hurtled passed her and kept going.

With nothing else within reach the Texan gave up on projectiles and rushed at Kiru with his fist cocked high. They closed and he hurled that shoebox sized hand at head height while Kiru spread her arms wide. And ducked.

The big cyborg’s hand swung high over Kiru’s head and she ran at him again. Stepping up on his knee, then his shoulder, she planted her heel square in the middle of his face.

Then she fired it.
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