Dust: Chapter 17 Part 3

Instead of staying on No Mouth, the Machete-swinger took this chance to rush Helmet Head before he could shoulder the machine-gun. Machete swung his new namesake in an overhead arc, trying to cleave his opponent in two. Helmet Head raised the machine-gun high to parry the blade. Machete-swinger pulled the blade back to his chest and thrust out with it, catching Helmet Head underneath his parry and piercing deep into his sternum. Before Helmet Head could change tactics the Machete-swinger pushed down on the back of his blade and sliced all the way down to the crotch. Spilling cerebral fluid and silicone lubricant onto the floor.

Next moment No Mouth’s arms locked around the Machete-swinger’s waist. Moment after that, he’d lifted the heavier cyborg off the ground and bent over backwards, suplexing him into the ground head-first.

No Mouth kicked off from his back-bridge position and flipped over into mount on Machete-swinger’s back. Putting all of his weight on his hands he bunny-hopped up to Machete-swinger’s shoulders and dived down to steal the blade from him.

Machete-swinger got his hands under himself just in time and popped up as No Mouth’s weight left his back, pushing No Mouth further forward than he’d intended and throwing him off Machete’s back.

Meanwhile Four-arms and Goldenrod danced around each other. Despite his extra limbs Four-arms proved to be the worse boxer of the two. It didn’t help that his lower-arms were the standard cyborg size, while his upper arms were beefier from the larger Myomer muscles contained within. Every time he went to throw a lower-punch the upper shoulder had to move aside and this telegraphed the attack so much Goldenrod was constantly slipping under the punches and scoring torso hits.

Goldenrod and Duke clearly had the same idea when it came to knuckle jewellery. The thumb-sized industrial diamonds on his fists were carving out scrapes of armour with each hit.

Finally Four-arms gave up and got his two lower-shoulders to swivel around so they could be put to the task of reloading his remaining SMGs behind his back.

The two circled around one another some more, content to pick at each other little-by-little. Goldenrod waited for Four-arms to finish reloading the guns and then struck.

As soon as he saw the lower-shoulders swivel back around Goldenrod shot in with a long-distance jab at Four-arms’ face. Four-arms immediately brought up his upper-right arm to block this hit while his left swung out with a hook. Goldenrod ducked under the hook and caught four-arms returning lower-right arm, snaking his own arm around it and putting it into an arm-bar behind his back.

Before Four-arms could shake him off, Goldenrod tightened up his bicep and sharply turned his body away, there was a strained metallic snap and the entire lower-right arm tore off at the shoulder.

With a flourish Goldenrod whipped the arm around until he was holding the hand, still locked tight around the SMG’s pistol grip. Goldenrod jammed down the trigger finger and opened fire at Three-arms’ face.

Three-arms quickly brought his massive armoured hands up to protect his head. Then he rushed Goldenrod. The sudden charge caught Goldenrod by surprise and the larger cyborg plucked him off his feet and with a thunderous crash buried him into the wall.

Plaster dust and gyprock pieces sprinkled down on them, coating them both in a thin layer of off-white. Three-arms cocked back his remaining right arm and swung at Goldenrod’s face. But that left nothing holding Goldenrod on that side and he was able to slip out of Three-arms’ grasp and duck under the knuckled freight-train rushing at his face. While Three-arms punched a hole in the wall big enough to shoot a basketball through, Goldenrod got low, grabbed his opponent behind the ankles and reaped him off them.

Three-arms landed with his guard already up, ready to pull a counter-move for a ground-and-pound. But Goldenrod had other plans, he kept hold of the right leg and wrapped his own legs around Three-arm’s torso, twisting him into a leglock. Three-arms struggled back, trying to pry Goldenrod’s legs off him. Goldenrod amped up the pressure, the casing around the knee groaned as it deformed but the structure underneath was just too strong from him to break.

So Goldenrod made use of his assets. He snatched up the broken arm with the SMG, put the barrel up against Three-arm’s kneecap and jammed down the trigger.

Three-arms brought his own gun to bear on Goldenrod, forcing him to let go with his other arm. He caught Three-arms’ gun-hand at the wrist and pushed it back. Still burning ammo into the side of his opponent’s knee. When the gun finally clicked empty Goldenrod emptied both hands, regained his hold on Three-arm’s leg and broke the knee with a deft twist of his hips.

The sides of the knee-hinge twisted outwards, ruining its hold on the middle of the hinge and it popped out easily.

Three-arms brought his SMG back down. Spraying hot, steel-cored lead at Goldenrod’s face.

The bullets pelted into him, scratching at the paint, deforming the face-plate and destroying the left eye. Goldenrod brought both hands against the gun this time, turning the burning stream away before wrestling it free from the lower hand.

Finding himself disarmed in the more conventional sense, Three-arms quickly turned away, clawing at the ground to put some distance between him and Goldenrod. When he’d gotten a few paces away he turned onto his back again, reached for the sheaths on the collars of his webbing and pulled out two monoknives.

Just in time to see Goldenrod load a fresh drum into one of Faceless’ assault rifles and pull back the cocking handle.

Three arms’ crossed them over his stomach, putting as many barriers between the bullets and his biopod as possible. But unlike Faceless, who emptied both drums roughly in his opponent’s direction and hoped for the best, Goldenrod put a burst into the pauldron armour on Three-arms’ right shoulder.

He circled around to the left, putting more bursts into Three-arm’s right shoulder. Most rounds ricocheted off the curved surface, but they applied enough force to deform the metal little-by-little. After the fifth burst he suddenly threw the rifle aside and dropped down low beside him.

Three-arms reversed the grip on his knife and tried to stab Goldenrod in the neck. Goldenrod caught the hand just behind the knife and punched into the damaged shoulder with his diamond knuckles.

He followed up this punch with another at the elbow.

Three-arms lashed out with his other knife and tried to stab Goldenrod again. Goldenrod was smart enough to lift the right arm up into the left’s path and three arms sunk his blade into his own forearm. Goldenrod kept raising the arm and the blade sliced through until only a strip of metal kept it attached to his body.
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