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I hadn’t realised it for ages, but almost none of the buy buttons I’d set up on the Booktable page have been working for at least the last two months, possibly longer. Unfortunately, because I happened to change jobs at the same time and the developer of the software I was using are having difficulty replicating the problem, I never got around to fixing the problem.

Well now I have, and I’m a tad annoyed at myself. I spent upwards of $50 on that software and yet today I managed to shit out a ‘not spectacular’ but certainly workable store page in barely an hour.

ebook copies are available from most popular ebook sellers. Hardcopies need to be bought through CreatSpace and anyone wanting a signed copy of the first edition of Dust of the Earth (complete with the odd spelling error that managed to slip past fifteen different drafts) can order them through my Etsy shop. Buttons for all of these options can be found Here.

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