Dimestore Wuxia has launched

And Dimestore Wuxia volume 1 is out of the pipeline and into the world. Right now it’s available in Print on Demand paperback through Createspace and in ebook through Kobo and iTunes and will be out on Kindle within the next few days.

It’s a cliche to say that one is really excited to see their latest book being released into the wild. And that’s because it’s really fucking exciting. Call it repetitive if you want but there’s only one feeling to describe seeing your babies take their first steps out into a wider world.

For those of you who missed the coming soon announcement Dimestore Wuxia is a fusion of the old cowboy adventure pulps of the United States and the martial hero tradition of the Wuxia novels from China. So naturally I took what I liked from both traditions and threw the whole thing into space.
Because I can.
This will be the first of what I hope will be a six novel series, I’m already three-quarters of the way through the second-volume and have most of the third plotted out. Once Dust of the Earth has finished its run on this blog I’ll start updating with chapters from Dimestore as we go.

With some prompting I might be persuaded to include some special features information regarding Dimestore’s Technology. Those guys are centuries further into the future than Dust and Tachi and I wanted the tech to feel appropriately advanced, but I didn’t want to bog the scenes down with technical descriptions of what Nanomachines do, how a future city is different when its designed around flying cars and the tactical advantage of a six-barreled pistol.
So if enough people ask I might include some a techno-fluff section where we just have fun talking about the technology.

In the meantime, enjoy Dimestore Wuxia.

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