Coming Soon! Dimestore Wuxia

Hello all, this is your Author speaking.
I am writing to inform you that I am real damn close to releasing my next novel. Just a few more details on the cover need ironing out and then it bursts forth onto an unsuspecting world.

Dimestore Wuxia is an idea I’ve been working on for over a year now. It combines the traditions of the Western Dimestore Novel with those of the Chinese Wuxia Novel, hence the name. It fascinates me that while the Americans were writing stories about rugged individuals wandering from town to town writing wrongs and fighting injustice with a six-shooter on their hip the Chinese were right across the pacific writing stories about staunch individualists wandering the rivers and streams righting wrongs and fighting injustice with a sword on their back.

So naturally I set the whole thing in space too. I felt that it was a small misstep on Joss Whedon’s part not to actively include more Chinese parts in Firefly, seeing as everyone was cursing in Mandarin anyway. Perhaps that was something he was going to expand on as the series progressed.
Sadly, we’ll never know.

Dimestore Wuxia: Big Trouble in Carsontown should be up on Amazon in about a week or so for around $3US for the ebook and available as a Print on Demand paperback for between $9-10US. I’ll be updating these pages with chapters from Dimestore once Dust of the Earth has completed it’s run. But I will put up a small sample for Dimestore in another couple of days to give everyone a taste.

Have Fun Everybody


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