About the Author


Like every author says in their bio, I’ve had stories bouncing around in my head for basically forever.
Action and conflict have always fascinated me. People who put their lives and bodies on the line to take up arms against a sea of troubles as the immortal bard said. And so, like any good author, I did my research.
But I don’t learn from books and interviews as effectively as I learn from rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty. With the aid of some filmmaker and stuntman friends I’ve made over the last decade I’ve been doing my research at the sharp end.
Dust of the Earth and Dimestore Wuxia are new expressions of the same passion for action.


About the Artists


Katie Winchester

Not to scale
Not to scale

Can you believe I’m lucky enough to be married to this talented creature? Check out the rest of her amazing work at kwanimation.net/

Alice Farquharson


I’m also lucky to be friends with other talented people. Alice provided the artwork for the cover for the first Dimestore Wuxia and I’m hoping will be available to do the whole series. Check out her Tumbler at Three Falling Leaves.