Dimestore Chapter 16 Part 3

As Lin dived across the floor for his gun Penny brought the baton down in front of it. Seeing her come for him Lin retracted his arm just in time and the electrified baton bounced off the train’s floor.

Penny swept the baton at Lin again and he rolled away from her. Getting his feet under him Lin shot back up to standing and jumped away from Penny. Penny kept up the pressure, swinging her baton left and right she forced him to retreat across the carriage.

When they reached the middle Lin stopped running and let Penny come to him. Penny swung the baton automatically, ready to backhand swing it the other way.

Lin shot his hand out and intercepted Penny at the wrist. With her arm locked across her body Lin struck out at the spaces between her armour plates with spearhand strikes.

He got three hits out before Penny attempted to kick him off her. Lin parried Penny’s kick with his shin. He then attempted to slam his other knee into Penny’s gut but she pulled away from him.

Lin had been hoping she’d do that and immediately yanked her arm up and away, stepped in, put his heel behind hers and reaped her off her feet.

The spine protector in her armour took most of the impact but the landing still dazed her long enough for Lin to twist the baton out of her hand and stab the business end into her torso.

Penny grabbed Lin’s wrist, spun her self on the ground and wrapped her legs around his shoulders. Pulling on his arms she slipped him into a choke as her legs tightened around him.

Lin quickly coiled his legs beneath her, grabbed hold of her armour with his free hand and picked the ranger up off the ground before slamming her back down onto her neck.

Penny pulled her chin down to her chest and between her training and the armour the fall didn’t bother her, but the impact did loosen up her grip on Lin long enough for him to slip out of her choke and retain her baton.
While Penny got up Lin ran to the nearest window and threw Penny’s baton between the shutters. Penny drew herself back up to standing and squared off against Lin again.

“It’s over Lin.” Penny said forcefully. “Your mine’s been raided and Shining Sun is next. Your son is in my custody and Wu knows what you’ve been doing. You’re one HPG call away from losing the Black Mask Society’s support as well. You’ve got nothing left. Go easy on yourself.”

To Penny’s surprise Lin laughed at her. “You think I’ve lost the society’s favour because of those naïve children? The Black Mask Society is vast and far-reaching. There are hundreds of cells that will harbour and protect me, even from Hiro and his meddling kids.”

Lin went back into his stance. “So no Ranger. I think I’ll do this my own way.”

Lin quick-stepped up to Penny and threw a high-kick towards her face. Penny ducked underneath his foot and football tackled him before he could recoil it. Penny put Lin on the ground hard and bumped up to get herself into mount. But Lin pulled his knee up to his chest, grabbed the collars of her armour and pushed out with his leg, throwing her over him. Lin held tight and rode the momentum until he landed in mount on Penny.

Lin rained blows down on her, aiming spear hand strikes and one knuckle punches at the gaps between her armour. He slammed out the macros and beamed in triumph as he completed his paralysis attack.
Penny shot her palm between Lin’s arms, forcing his head back at the chin. Before Lin could grab her arm Penny swung out with her other hand and violently cupped her hand over Lin’s ear. The air trapped between his ear and her hand created a concussive wave of pressure that knocked Lin silly. Even reeling from the ringing in his head Lin kept himself together enough to disengage from Penny and back away.

Penny sat up again and pulled her legs away from him. “Can’t hack my nanomachines if you can’t touch them.” Penny tapped her armour. “Lining’s too thick.”

“I see.” Lin snarled at her.

“Give up now Lin.” Penny offered. “You can’t hurt me and you’re only getting more and more beaten down. I can arrest you in one piece or I can arrest you in one black and bloody piece.”

“I’ll give up.” Lin growled. “But not to you. There’s one last thing I can sacrifice.”

Before Penny could reply Lin dived onto her. Penny rolled with him and ended up on top. Lin’s hands were all over her, Penny brought up her guard and lashed out at Lin’s face with a right-cross. Lin took the hit and turned back to her. Penny noticed he wasn’t looking up at her but down at her waist.

Then she felt one of her grenades slip out of its pouch.
Penny panicked and jumped off him. Lin scrambled to his feet and dashed towards the door to the train, tossing the grenade behind him.

Penny leapt over the steel bench in the middle of the room. The explosion rocked through the entire carriage. Shrapnel and smoke blasted out through the shutters and into the plexiglass tunnel around them.

Penny felt the reverberations fade and looked up at the bench she’d hidden behind. It was warped through with dents where the shrapnel had failed to penetrate the steel and sheer holes where it hadn’t. Penny’s armour systems were also reporting a hundred different minor bumps and scratches.

Then Penny felt another sensation bump the train. It took a moment to realise the whole thing was slowing down.

Penny rushed towards the door of the carriage and forced it open. Only to see the head of the train pull away from her and leave the rest of the train behind.

Penny got on the comms and put a call in to the Garrison Captain.

[Captain. I’ve got a suspect escaping in a train on the…] Penny checked her GPS [Capital line, he’s likely heading to the space elevator. I need a full squad to meet him there.]
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